Why Work With Riverdale? Benefits Our Travel Agency Offers
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Why Work With Riverdale? Benefits Our Travel Agency Offers

When you decide to travel, you have countless options, and we’re not just talking about destinations. From hotels and resorts to theme parks, restaurants, and guided tours, vacation planning means checking out multiple vendors, activities, and accommodations. 

Even if you’re planning a solo adventure, it can be quite the research project. Add in travel companions and their preferences and budget constraints, and it can take months to book your own vacation. Still, it is doable, so if you’re willing to put up with the hassle of DIY travel, why would you hire an agency?

At Riverdale Travel, we understand your concerns. Our company’s experience in the travel industry runs deep – nearly 100 years strong! We’ve come a long way since 1924, but our team remains grounded in the tradition of making travel accessible for everyone. 

We know the value our travel consultants bring to the table, so let us highlight the benefits you can expect when you work with us to customize your dream vacation!

Create the Perfect Vacation for You

When you partner with us, you get your own personal travel specialist to create your ideal vacation. Your consultant provides recommendations based on your preferences, explains the differences in destinations, and offers you exclusive privileges to maximize your vacation time and dollars. 

Once you book with Riverdale Travel, you’ll never want to DIY travel again!

Wellness Journeys

We all need a break sometimes, and taking time off from our regular schedule is the perfect way to recharge and improve our wellness. Most vacations require extra effort to plan, but with Riverdale Travel, we can take care of the hard part for you. 

With your detailed itinerary in hand, you can coast through your vacation, taking advantage of all it has to offer. You can relax, recharge, and rejuvenate your mind on a stress-free vacation. 

Family Vacations

Are you looking to take the entire family on an unforgettable vacation? We can help with that! 

Our consultants can help plan an amazing trip that you and your kids will love! After we talk about your destination and activity preferences, we will design a customized family vacation, unique to your family. 

We can plan anything from a family cruise to a weekend getaway at Disney World. We’ll even make sure you parents have time to relax while the kids are out having a blast. 

Destination Weddings

If a wedding is on your horizon, turn to Riverdale Travel for destination wedding planning. We can help you decide on a beautiful location to tie the knot while staying within your budget. 

We’ll hook you up with exclusive promotions and all-inclusive options. Our team will help you work with your destination to find what you need, such as which areas are best for weddings and what requirements are needed. 

We can also handle vow renewals!


Getting married at home and need a suburb place to relax after the festivities? Riverdale Travel can help you book and plan your honeymoon. 

There are countless fantastic honeymoon destinations that are perfect for a romantic getaway, and your consultant can help you plan every last romantic detail. Whether you have a small budget or plan to go all out for the special occasion, we can help you maximize your vacation dollars through our insider knowledge and connections. 

Wedding planning is hard enough, so let Riverdale Travel plan your honeymoon so you can simply enjoy it!

Work With a Travel Expert Who Specializes in Your Destination

At Riverdale Travel, our team isn’t just travel agents – we’re a team that has specialized training and knowledge about your travel destination. Why does this matter? 

A travel consultant who specializes in your destination has inside knowledge about the location, knows the best places to stay, eat, and visit, and can help you have a great experience. Want to do what the locals do? We can help! 

We also find offers and perks only available with connections we make in the location. In an emergency situation, our vast knowledge allows us to respond quickly, giving you the information you need to overcome the problem. 

By choosing the experts at Riverdale Travel, you’re getting the amount of information and experience you need that would otherwise take hours of Googling. 

Discover Lesser Known Destinations Worth the Trip

Your travel options are vast, and while you may have a destination in mind, there are countless others you’ve likely never considered or heard about. Going on a vacation to a popular spot means you’re experiencing less of the local culture and more of the tourist attractions. 

If you really want to dig deep into your travel, we recommend checking out some lesser-known travel destinations. These destinations will give you a true glimpse into a lifestyle outside of your own, without the crowds and tourist traps. 

We can also help you find the best beaches around the world. If sunning and surfing are your thing, we can help you book a beach vacation that will leave you tanned and relaxed.   

Take the Stress Out of Vacation Planning

Your consultant handles all the important details so you can relax and enjoy the magical moments of your vacation. Imagine booking your entire trip without having to research a single vendor!

And your consultant’s work doesn’t end once they’ve scheduled your accommodations. We are dedicated to the success of your trip from day one until you return, pivoting on the fly as needed when unexpected circumstances come into play, from flight cancellations to lockdowns. 

Riverdale Travel can help plan a vacation of any length of time, from a fabulous weekend getaway to a weeks-long immersive vacation. No trip is too big or too small for our expert travel consultants. 

Access Exclusive Promotions

As a full-service travel agency, Riverdale Travel offers special offers and promotions from nearly every tour operator, cruise line, resort, airline, or travel vendor in the world!

Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon or a gathering of friends and family, your personal consultant will make it easy for you to customize your dream vacation. 

Our partnerships offer a wide variety of choices and exclusive offers for you to travel in luxury and style.

Travel Like an Insider

Travel is about celebrating every moment, and you’ll enjoy feeling like a VIP with our global insider connections. Riverdale truly has the tools and resources to navigate the future of travel!

With your mind free to enjoy, you will be immersed in your dream destinations like never before. Our insider knowledge allows us to keep you up to date with the latest information. We can help you choose guided tours that will bring your vacation destination to life through history, trivia, and little-known attractions. 

Plus, we’ll extend exclusive benefits, from hotel breakfasts and resort credits to private guides waiting to whisk you away to one-of-a-kind experiences!

Disney Experiences

Disney World is one of the most popular family destinations – and for good reason. The Disney experience is one-of-a-kind and enjoyable for kids and adults. 

Our travel consultants are expert Disney planners, and we can help you get an insider experience while staying at Disney World. We can help you choose which parks to visit and which attractions to ride and turn your Disney dreams into a reality.   

Add the Right Upgrades

Sometimes, the right pre- and post-accommodations make all the difference in your travel experience. But you won’t know about all of your options without our connections!

With complimentary upgrades at select properties, you can enjoy additional amenities, features, and space during your vacation.

Eat Free Breakfast Every Day

One popular upgrade: complimentary breakfast! 

Breakfast for two daily not only provides great value but also great convenience when staying at your resort or hotel.

Enjoy Resort & Shipboard Credits

When you plan your cruise or resort vacation with us, you can reap rewards like complimentary resort and onboard spending credits, which you can use for souvenirs, spa treatments, activities, and more.

Design an All-inclusive Package

For the most economical trip, your consultant can recommend or custom-design an all-inclusive vacation package within your budget. 

Whether you’re looking for sun and fun on a tropical island or a wallet-friendly trip to Disney, our all-inclusive options allow you to eat, drink, and play to your heart’s content without going over your spending limit.

Even exotic destinations are within reach when you opt for all-inclusive vacations through Riverdale Travel! 

Stay On Top of Travel Restrictions

If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s the collective recognition that time is precious. Many of us want to use that time to explore the world, but understanding travel restrictions is more important than ever to do so. 

Leave it to your travel consultant to do the work for you, including making any necessary accommodations and adjustments. You’ll travel with confidence, knowing that you will meet all of the requirements for your destination and get in and out safely. 

Arrange Private Transfers Effortlessly

Your consultant is happy to customize your vacation with private transfers. We can arrange private transfers to and from your port or the airport, saving you time and giving you peace of mind about getting from place to place. 

Know What to Pack

Packing might seem straightforward, but only a person who has been to your destination knows what they wish they’d brought – or left behind at home! If you’re traveling to a new location, we can help you make your packing list so you aren’t left wanting an extra sweater or bathing suit. 

For example, we recommend packing mosquito repellent while traveling in Alaska and where to avoid tap water while traveling in Mexico

Go ahead and pick our brains about anything related to packing because we’ve done a fair amount of hands-on research that can help make or break your experience. 

Protect Your Journey

A vacation is a large investment, delivering priceless memories that last a lifetime. Protect your valuable journey with a comprehensive travel insurance plan tailored to your needs! 

Vacation insurance may be something you skip over when planning a trip, but Riverdale Travel highly recommends purchasing travel insurance on large trips. Without it, a delay or emergency could end up costing you the cost of the trip, which you may not recover. 

Travel insurance protects your vacation investment from unforeseen interruptions.  

Business Travel Assistance

Riverdale Travel doesn’t just plan vacations for fun–we can also help you and your company plan business trips

Our exclusive perks can help your company save around 30% on travel costs while you receive perks, upgrades, and preferred rates around the world. 

We are also your concierge during your trip, so if you need to make any changes or need advice, we’re just a phone call away.  

Start Designing Your Vacation With Riverdale Travel Today!

There are adventures waiting to be had and destinations waiting to be explored. Find inspiration on our website, and then call us at 763-323-3665 to start planning your journey!

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