Minneapolis Travel Agents For Antarctica Cruises

  • Choose Riverdale Travel for custom vacation packages.
  • Work with a travel consultant specializing in Antarctica.
  • Get exclusive promotions, all inclusive options, and special offers.
  • Protect your trip with expert insights, insurance, and ongoing support.

If you want to go to Antarctica, you’ve probably thought about this trip for a while. It’s not the average destination, and Riverdale Travel is not the average travel agency – consider us your ticket to the ultimate arctic adventure! Our consultants can protect your once in a lifetime trip in more ways than one, from travel insurance, resources, and personal insights to exclusive promotions and special amenities that ensure your Antarctica trip is everything you envisioned and more.

Antarctica Seals

Let Antarctica Travel Experts Design Your Vacation Package

Working with an experienced travel consultant who specializes in Antarctica is the best way to book a trip that fits your budget and vacation style, whether you’re looking for a luxury experience on the icy waters or an adventure on a budget.

With our connections and personal insights, you’ll not only get much more from your trip investment, but also protect it should anything happen to your plans before departure or any time during your trip. Learn more about the benefits of working with Riverdale Travel!

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