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Plan Your Destination Wedding With a Travel Expert

  • Choose Riverdale Travel for destination wedding and honeymoon packages.
  • Work with a full service travel consultant to design your big day.
  • Leave the planning and booking in our expert’s hands.
  • Get the most out of your wedding travel budget with less stress!

You are now embarking on one of life’s most exciting journeys, and of course you want to make it memorable. You are at the right place, because Riverdale Travel is key to making it happen! No matter your destination, budget, or vacation desires, working with one of our travel consultants can ensure your special day is remembered for years to come.

And with our connections, exclusive promotions, and all inclusive options, you and your partner can afford to share these lifelong memories with friends and family members, if you choose!

Top Destinations for Weddings and Honeymoons

Our Process for Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Designing your perfect day starts with an appointment to discuss your requirements and preferences. With a dedicated consultant handling every aspect of your trip, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your destination wedding without enduring stress for months in advance!

The following will be covered during the initial meeting, but feel free to send us a message with your questions at any time.

Discuss Possible Destinations

From luxury weddings on the beach to intimate vows on the top of a mountain; from under the sea to weddings on horseback, Riverdale Travel offers adventure seekers and traditionalists a wide selection of unique locations for the ultimate destination wedding experience.

Set Your Wedding Budget

You will have to start out with some kind of budget. The happy couple will need one to design their dream vacation package, plus have an idea for the wedding package cost or any other fees.

Remember: If you would like to have guests, they will also have budget requirements, so keep this in mind when checking on resorts or destinations.

Save the Date

Is there a date you already have picked out for the big day? Either way, we’ll go over certain dates you would like to go and the best time to get you there!

Confirm Requirements for Your Destination

This will be based on destinations and resorts. Your Riverdale Travel consultant will be able to assist you with finding out what you need to do in the destinations – I.E. which locations are easier to get married in and what type of requirements will be needed.

We Love Planning Vow Renewals!

The two of you said your vows, perhaps long ago. Whether you’d now like a quiet ceremony for the two of you to reaffirm just how much you mean to each other or a party for your family and friends to celebrate your love, planning a vow renewal is an amazing exciting time and with the help of Riverdale Travel it will be stress free!

Celebrate your love amid a beautiful, idyllic setting. Whether your marriage is seasoned or still fresh, the magic you two share can be celebrated over and over again with family and friends. A Retie the knot ceremony is a great way to commemorate your marriage and begin a new chapter of your lives together.

Who to Invite

First, decide if this is an event for just the two of you or one you’d like others to share. Asking others to travel perhaps out of the country to renew your vows can be a little more complicated (but it makes for a great vacation for all the guests!)

Where to Go

Is there a destination that’s long been special to the two of you? The place you met? The site of your honeymoon? Or maybe just a location you’ve always dreamed of visiting?

What to Include

This is where the experts of Riverdale Travel can help make your dreams a reality! Your Riverdale wedding specialist will guide you through an array of custom options and services that will make your grandest wedding dreams a true reality.

Whether you envision an intimate gathering of family and friends or a grand and luxurious ball that rivals royalty, your Wedding Specialist can help you select and design the details that make it all come together effortlessly.

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Start Planning With a Destination Wedding Expert

Destination Wedding Inspo

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast captures your heart with its incredible views and cute little shops—plus, food made with love in small family-run restaurants. Walk through Villa Cimbrone and skip over to other nearby towns along the coast to give into its bliss. We have had clients that love to stay at the alluring Hotel Palazzo Sasso for its excellent service and forever views. There is also a small beach area and restaurant right on the water that every honeymooner swoons over.


Many couples come back raving about snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, visiting small villages, and of course being pampered in the spa. At Tadrai Island Resort, it’s couples only. Talk about romance! Each villa hosts a private pool with an ocean view. Right now they have a promotion that includes a complimentary helicopter transfer to and from the resort. There’s no better way to arrive at your honeymoon in style!


Croatia has it all: beautiful beaches, unique culture, magnificent national parks with waterfalls couples can hike to. Our clients often say that the people they met along the way added such an unexpected value to their honeymoon. In Croatia, this is bound to happen. If we had to pick one city to visit, we would choose the beautiful walled medieval city on the coast called Dubrovnik. Villa Dubrovnik is the perfect blend of traditional and modern, featuring balconies right over the water perfect for any couple wanting to steal a kiss or two.

10 Honeymoon Destinations for Romance

Looking for a romantic honeymoon? Find that special destination which will live in your memories forever.

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