5 Tips for Your First-Ever Trip to Mexico
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5 Tips for Your First-Ever Trip to Mexico

Your family and friends have probably talked often about going to a beach resort in Mexico for a much needed relaxing vacation. It’s true: Mexico has some amazing beach destinations, but it also has a lot of cultural places, including the Mayan pyramids, among many others.

Being in a foreign country can cause someone to feel apprehensive, even when one of the bordering countries – Mexico – seems a skip and a hop away. However, just use common sense and take a few precautions.

Of course, you’ll need to pack essential items, such as your passport, some currency, and a fail-proof credit card. But you should always take your confidence as well!

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Let’s take a look at five travel tips to follow if you’re traveling to Mexico for the first time.

1. Be Sure Your Vaccines Are Up to Date

COVID-19 continues to evolve, and with that brings concerns. The CDC recommends only vaccinated Americans travel to Mexico.

Even though there are no vaccination requirements upon entering Mexico, it is strongly encouraged you have certain vaccines updated before you travel abroad. Check out the CDC’s website about health advisories and notices.

2. Bring Essential Documents

When traveling abroad, you’ll need to know important guidelines before you travel. For starters, you’ll need a current U.S. passport.

Check to be sure your passport is not about to expire. It may take some time to renew, so keep that in mind prior to booking your vacation.

3. Take Safety Measures

You should keep traveling companions and family back home informed of your travel plans, including places you’re staying and phone numbers of your traveling companions.

If separating from your travel group, send a friend your GPS location. If taking a taxi alone, take a photo of the taxi number and  license plate and text it to a friend.

There are also some travel advisories you should be aware of, depending on your Mexican destination.

Avoid driving alone or at night. Do not display signs of wealth, such as wearing expensive watches or jewelry. Be extra vigilant when visiting banks or ATMs as well as exercising caution when going to local bars or nightclubs.

It’s advisable you stay with your traveling companions on all of these occasions!

Traveling Solo?

Try to make a few friends. It’s best to not appear that you’re a lone traveler.

Try to learn a little bit of Spanish – at least the basic phrases. Sometimes there are employees who do not speak English.

Absolutely do not walk alone at night. Use Uber when traveling from place to place. If you’re traveling alone but open to meeting new friends, maybe you can try a guided tour!

4. Try Not to Drink the Tap Water

Mexico’s distribution of tap water isn’t always guaranteed. Therefore, it might have some water contamination.

You can, of course, shower or clean your hands with tap water – although you should always carry hand sanitizer.

You shouldn’t worry too much about drinking water though. Most hotels and restaurants frequented by foreign travelers always have purified bottled water on hand.

5.  Understand Foreign Currency and Credit Card Use

Most tour companies, restaurants, and some touristy restaurants and shops will have their prices in both pesos and dollars. You can use dollars to pay for accommodations, tours, entrance fees, and other travel.

Use Mexican pesos if possible for everything else including tips. Depending on what amount of Mexican pesos you want, keep in mind it can take one to three days to order larger foreign currencies from your bank. A couple of hundred dollars worth of pesos is a good average.

As far as credit cards, find out if your credit card provider charges foreign or international transaction fees. Take one which offers the lowest fees and has card fraud prevention features.

Notify your issuer that you will be visiting Mexico and for how long. Many banks might temporarily freeze your account if they see an unusual large charge or other unusual activity.

That being said, it might be worthwhile to also take a second card as a backup.

Let Riverdale Travel Create Your Mexican Vacation!

Whichever part of Mexico you travel to, you can be confident that Riverdale Travel’s experienced consultants will give you peace of mind by preparing a comprehensive package to your Mexican destination, including the fabulous beach resorts which offer all-inclusive options.

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