Why You Should Work With a Travel Consultant Who Specializes in Your Destination
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Why You Should Work With a Travel Consultant Who Specializes in Your Destination

With access to many online travel sites, you might have tried to do some quick research and book your entire trip online yourself. But talking to a travel expert who specializes in your destination cuts your research and planning time down significantly and offers numerous benefits you don’t want to miss out on.

One major advantage of letting a travel expert do the planning is to allow you to relax and let someone else do the legwork. Just provide the dates, budget, and some highlights of what you’re looking to experience during your trip, and your personal consultant will handle the rest! Whether it’s a cruise, safari, honeymoon, or birthday, we have an expert consultant for anywhere you’d like to travel.

But whether you choose Riverdale Travel or another agency, don’t just choose any travel advisor – choose one who specializes in your chosen destination!

It’s best to work with a specialized travel advisor, because they’ve already explored your city on the ground to be able to provide personalized recommendations. Speak to one of Riverdale Travel’s destination specialists to start planning a worry-free vacation today!

Here are more reasons to work with a travel consultant who specializes in your destination.

Access to Insider Knowledge of Your Destination

Let’s say you desire a luxury wine tour in Italy, an adventure safari in Africa, a hot air balloon ride in Turkey, or help arranging an overseas vacation for a group or wedding party. Your travel consultant knows which reputable tour companies and guides in your destination will provide first class service.

There are also unpublished hotel gems in all parts of the world that only your Riverdale Travel expert consultant knows about, regardless of your budget. A specialized travel consultant always has insider information about your destination that will supplement your experience.

Planning a group vacation? Your travel consultant can solicit every member’s interests and activity levels and customize an unforgettable vacation, leaving you with peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.

Special Offers & Perks You Only Get With Connections

Travel consultants have connections to insider special offers that the average person cannot get online. But only a consultant who specializes in your destination truly knows which “special offers” are special.

Let’s say you want a flight upgrade or a cabin upgrade on a cruise line. An expert who specializes in your destination will not only provide you with the best offers, upgrades, and promotions out there, but also understand what makes a good travel provider in that area.

Whether you are trying to book a luxurious villa in South America or the best five-star lodging in India, hotel and other lodging suppliers usually keep extra inventory exclusive to travel consultants who frequently book with them. Having these local connections creates that one-of-a-kind experience.

Support & Solutions Without Delay During Emergency Situations

Nobody wants to experience any sort of cancellation, for any reason, on vacation. But don’t worry – your specialized consultant is already monitoring your trip, ready to make adjustments.

Plus, your consultant is knowledgeable about your destination and all its available flight carriers serving the area of the world you’re traveling to. If you experience an unplanned hiccup, such as a flight delay or cancellation, your consultant will be there, providing available options right away.

Direct Access to Airlines & Cruise Lines

Another extra benefit that your consultant most likely has is direct access to the airline's global distribution system (GDS). A call to your travel consultant while you’re waiting at an airport gate or on an airport tarmac allows you to skip the frustration and lines of rebooking another flight.

The same applies with up to date cancellations or delays on cruising ports. Give yourself peace of mind and book your cruise with Riverdale Travel!

Purchasing Optional Travel Insurance

Travel insurance of course is also an optional benefit and quoted by your consultant if needed for your destination. Some longer overseas vacations might provide someone peace of mind with insurance.

Find a Travel Consultant Who Specializes in Your Destination for an Unforgettable Vacation

Knowing all these advantages, why wouldn’t you book your vacation with Riverdale Travel?! Contact us today for a memorable experience with first class service and specialized knowledge of your destination.

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