Are Guided Tours Worth the Investment?
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Are Guided Tours Worth the Investment?

It’s natural that travelers expect their vacations to be fun, adventurous, and culturally meaningful. Exploring on your own is a choice many people make, but travelers choosing guided tours can come back with a more enriching experience and everlasting memories. Learning about a new culture or historical landmark is more enriching when you know where to learn, how to get there, and the best way to see locations in the most advantageous way.

At Riverdale Travel, we have expert travel consultants who can help you make decisions on whether to book a guided tour as part of your vacation package. We will listen to your travel needs and explore your options based on your budget and travel style.

Let’s take a look at how guided tours can be beneficial and perhaps worth the investment, depending on your travel intentions.

Feeling Safer

Traveling to a foreign land? The first time in a new foreign location – especially overseas – may leave many travelers feeling nervous about where to go, how to get there, and whether they’ll be safe.

A guided tour can provide a sense of comfort. The guide not only brings experience and cultural understanding but can also help avoid potentially dangerous areas of the city, bringing that sense of safety and relaxation for the traveler.

Increase Opportunities to Make Social Connections

Booking a guided tour can benefit anyone traveling alone, because it gives you the chance to experience your destination with others.

Even if you’re traveling in a group, your fellow travelers might enjoy the social aspect a guided tour brings and ultimately form relationships even after the trip ends.

Save Time & Energy

A guided tour company can provide a workable schedule and directly pick you up from your hotel and take you to your chosen landmarks.

Depending on your travel style, do you like to mostly sightsee inside a luxurious vehicle or bus? Or do you prefer walking and stopping at multiple locations? A tour guide handles all the organization and preparation of your fabulous itinerary, saving you the effort and time you would have to do yourself.

In addition, be confident that the guides know enough history and knowledge about the landmarks to give you a meaningful experience.

More Value for Your Dollar

Because guided tours provide the transportation and insider knowledge about all the locales, they are typically less expensive overall than traveling and making all the arrangements on your own. There are tour companies to fit every budget – depending on your travel style – and other needs.

Our experienced and personalized consultants at Riverdale Travel will be more than happy to provide you with a quote from our preferred tour companies to ensure you will be taken care of at every level.

Why Not Try a Guided Tour?

Let Riverdale provide you information about our preferred guided tour partners for your budget and your needs. Our tour partners allow for flexibility – a perfect mix of guided tours and also some free time on your own.

Overall, the investment in a guided tour may just be worth it. Guided tours have evolved in recent years to cater to every individual, no matter the age, budget, size of group, travel or social style.

If you’re willing to explore the world in a new way, call us today and allow us to customize a vacation plan! We have the expertise and insider access to the travel industry providing you with any available promotions wherever you decide to travel.

Contact us today to start planning your adventure!

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