Small Groups

Design a Custom Vacation Package for Your Group

  • Work with travel experts to create a personalized group vacation package.
  • Access Riverdale Travel’s exclusive promotions and all inclusive options.
  • Enjoy full service booking within your budget, plus ongoing trip protection.
  • Take the stress out of planning for a group and maximize your experience!

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, corporate event, or extended family vacation, getting everyone in a group on the same page about a destination and budget – let alone an entire vacation itinerary – requires a high level of organization, time, and effort. It’s a job we specialize in and would be happy to take over for you!

Deciding who takes the lead on planning small group travel doesn’t have to be stressful. When you hire Riverdale Travel, you work with an experienced consultant who specializes in group travel – a neutral third party who designs your vacation around your crew’s best interests and preferences. Are you ready to get started?

Small Group Travel Is Carefree With Experts on Your Side

Working with a travel consultant makes the monster task of booking group travel a breeze, because we manage every aspect of your vacation from departure to return.

You’ll never have to worry about complying with your destination’s travel restrictions or how you’ll find a new hotel if your booking falls through at the last minute – that’s our job. Plus, our industry connections, exclusive promotions, and “been there, done that” insights are what it takes to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

It’s more than worth it to leave your small group vacation planning to our award-winning team, and here’s why!

All Inclusive Small Group Vacations

When everyone has a budget, all inclusive options are more important than ever. Let us tap into our connections with leading travel vendors to help you secure the best rates for your group and destination!

Cruising With a Small Group

Cruises are a great vacation for small groups, whether you seek a family friendly cruise line or an adults only experience.

Our travel consultant can help you narrow it down to the right accommodations for your budget and travel style. Send us a message if you’re ready to get started!


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Talk to Our Small Group Travel Consultants


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