What to Pack for Your Trip to Alaska
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What to Pack for Your Trip to Alaska

Ahhh…The Last Frontier. A place where nature and awe collide in all the senses. No need to be apprehensive when planning an Alaska vacation simply because the scenery might look cold. Whether traveling on a reunion cruise, guided tour, or with an adventurous family or partner, packing for an exclusive breathtaking trip to what seems at the edge of the north pole should not be nerve wracking.

Follow these simple suggestions in this quick blog provided by Riverdale Travel. Call us at 763-323-3665 when you feel ready to trek at one of the most popular bucket list destinations.

Keep Alaska Daylight and Temperatures in Mind When Packing

Unless you’re an extreme adventurer, the ideal travel months for Alaska vacations whether on land or sea, is from May to September. Beyond that, you’ll be looking at very short daylight hours and some uncomfortable low temperatures. It’s not to say there is no tourism between October and February, however, your challenges will include venturing into the wilderness in very few –if any–daytime hours. Sightings of wildlife may be few as most animals hibernate. Let’s assume you’ll be vacationing between late April and September, with April, May, and September being the not-so-crowded times.

First, some important items

  • Be sure your passport and identification cards are up to date and pack those readily available inside a carry-on or handbag.

  • Include mosquito repellent with DEET if you’re traveling during June to August.

  • Don’t underestimate the sun. Pack sun protection items such as sunscreen, hat, and a couple of pairs of sunglasses.

What about the clothing?

  • Pack clothing you can layer. Besides shorts and lightweight tops such as T-shirts, pack breathable outerwear like a thin windbreaker or light sweater. If you’re one of those who get cold easily, include a couple heavier sweaters or sweatshirts.

  • If you’re traveling by land, casual dress is the way to go in Alaska according to If you’re on a cruise, there are a couple of cruising nights you might want to bring formal attire.

  • You may experience some occasional chilly winds, so add a knit cap or scarf just in case.

  • Don’t forget those comfortable shoes! Be sure you also have good traction such as hiking or running shoes as well as some lighter traction shoes that are waterproof.

  • Swimsuits for hotel or cruise sauna or pool facilities.

Other Necessities

  • Like some shut-eye? Pack that eye mask!  Summer months have a lot of daylight–anywhere between 16-24 hours! So don’t forget an eye mask to help you sleep as the midnight sun might keep you awake.

  • Phone charger and camera. Most of us use our technolically advanced Smartphones for taking pictures, but for photo enthusiasts, pack that special hi-tech camera with extra lenses for those super once-in-a-lifetime scenery shots.

  • Binoculars or spotting scope. You don’t want to miss curious wildlife frolicking at a distance.

  • If it will fit in your suitcase, include a reusable water bottle. Most cruises and airports have purified water filling facilities to help the environment.

  • Adding a few zip lock bags will help protect and separate clothing items.

Let Riverdale Travel Plan an Unforgettable Voyage to Alaska

Let Alaska be one of your next destinations! The experienced travel consultants at Riverdale Travel will get you packing whether you choose a guided land tour or cruise option. Planning a family or reunion to Alaska? Let us handle it. Our professional Alaska experts will focus on your travel style, dates, and budget and tailor-make your voyage so all that you bring back are pictures and memories. Contact us today!

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