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Cuban tourism has made an impressive comeback, and at Riverdale Travel, we completely understand why. With multiple in-house and contractor travel experts specializing in this destination, some of our team has experienced the marvel firsthand – and the rest of us have added it to our “sooner rather than later” list. Because the time to visit Cuba’s frozen-in-time, franchise-free cityscapes is now!

Havana Cuba

Why Hire a Travel Advisor to Book Your Trip to Cuba?

Whether you’re planning solo or small group travel; no matter how many days you want to stay or how much you want to spend; from small budgets to luxury investments, partnering with a travel agency offers numerous advantages.

That is, if you choose an experienced and reputable travel agency!

Why Choose Riverdale Travel?

The benefits of working with Riverdale Travel start with our company’s history, which started nearly a century ago. Today, our talented travel consultants are among the best in the industry.

And our expansive connections allow us to offer VIP amenities, all inclusive vacation packages, exclusive promotions, and other incentives at incredible rates. You tell us your budget, vacation style, and destination interests, and we show you just how far your money can take you!

Our “boots on the ground” knowledge and personalized service can help you make the most out of your trip to Cuba, whether you stay for a girl’s weekend or an extended honeymoon. No matter how many clients we serve, the opportunity to make your next trip extraordinary still gets us excited to get out of bed every day.

If you’re ready to travel like an insider on the ultimate Cuban getaway, let’s get started!

Now’s the Time to Experience Cuba’s Soulful Beauty

By Tracy SanNicolas

From 1915 to 1930, Havana hosted more tourists than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Today, things are striking a similarly upbeat note: over 3 million arrivals per year, making it one of Cuba’s top revenue-generators. Malecon is a deeply soulful neighborhood with beautiful, polychromatic houses, and Calle Mercaderes is a shrine to 18th-century Cuba.

With full diplomatic relations restored and travel restrictions easing between the U.S. and Cuba, why go now?

Put it this way: In five years, most of those vintage American cars will likely be gone. The corner seafood shack could be replaced by a smartphone kiosk. You might even find Frappuccinos on the Plaza Vieja.

“Visit Cuba as it is now, stuck in a 1950s time warp, before developers get their hands on it,” says Manhattan-based Virtuoso advisor Fallon Hirschhorn.

Soulful Beauty: Cuban Tourism Makes a Comeback

Thinking about a trip to Cuba? Riverdale Travel consultant Tracy SanNicolas discusses the comeback of Cuban tourism in this blog.

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