You are now embarking on one of life’s most exciting journeys and of course you want to make it memorable. You are at the right place, Destination Weddings – Riverdale Travel is you key to making it happen!  It is very important that whatever your choice, your budget, your desires, this ‘Special’ day be remembered for years to come. After all you will want to share these memories with friends, family members, present and in the future.


  • Type of destination wedding and locations– From Wedding on the beach to the top of a mountain, from under the sea, to weddings on horsback, we offer adventure seekers and traditionalists a wide selection of unique locations.
  • Budget– You will have to start out with some kind of budget. The bride and groom will have their package plus the wedding package cost or any other fees. Remember if you would like to have guest they may have a budget also so maybe keep this in mind when checking on resorts or destination
  • Click here for a Wedding to-do time line– If you have certain dates you would like to go or is there a date you already have picked out for the big day.
  • Requirements– This will be based on destinations and resorts. We will be able to assist you with finding out what you need to do in the destinations. Which locations are easier to get married in and what type of requirements will be needed.
  • Our online wedding registry allows brides and grooms to list anything they want to do on their honeymoon- even portions of their trip. Couples can create their own Bridal Registry and Wedding Website.  CLICK HERE for more info.