Business Travel: How We Simplify Complex Travel Planning
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Business Travel: How We Simplify Complex Travel Planning

Business travel is complex. You are typically traveling on a tight timeline. You must book your flight, hotel, and transportation to accommodate business meetings, presentations, dinners, and more. You’re already busy, so trying to fit everything into your schedule can be tough.

That’s why you need Riverdale Travel!

Let us take the complexities of business travel out of your hands and handle everything from the moment you board the plane to when you arrive home. With our personal concierge services, you can rest assured that every part of your trip is precise.

Work With Experts in Your Travel Destination

Our team of travel experts knows their stuff. No matter where you are traveling to, we have someone on staff who is very knowledgeable about the destination and can help find you the best hotels, transportation, restaurants, and more.

If you’re meeting clients in another country, impress them with your knowledge of the area with help from Riverdale Travel. We can help you find that 5-star hole-in-the-wall restaurant that only the locals know about.

By knowing the ins and outs of a destination, we can ensure that each step of your business trip is scheduled and planned out before you get there.

Talk to a Human, Not a Bot

Planning a business trip online can be frustrating. You end up spending more time researching the destination than actually planning. If you can’t find the right hotel or the right prices, or you aren’t sure where something is located in relation to the hotel, you can easily become overwhelmed.

Riverdale Travel’s experts can help you over the phone or in person at our Coon Rapids, Minnesota location. There are no robotic voices here!

Working in person or over the phone can help you get your questions answered and problems solved quickly and without excess frustration.

Save Money With Exclusive Discounts

Riverdale Travel has a vast network that we employ to get you the best travel discounts, perks, and incentives. By booking your business travel through us, we can help you achieve savings of about 30% on your budget without sacrificing quality.

We can also get you perks, upgrades, and preferred rates on thousands of hotels around the world.

Benefit From Our Partnerships

Whether your company uses Concur or another business booking solution, our experts can set up a dedicated Concur site or transfer to your existing site. You won’t experience any disruptions to your business needs.

So, when you need complex travel arrangements while working within your company’s policies, Riverdale Travel can handle it.

Easily Book Groups, Meetings, & Incentive Trips

If you need help planning a group trip, a large meeting, or an incentive trip, Riverdale Travel has got you covered. Handling large group travel is complicated, but Riverdale Travel is up to the challenge.

We can manage scheduling everyone’s travel and accommodations, so you don’t have to worry about it. We can ensure each participant has their travel details before the trip so there are no surprises or snafus.

Book Your Business Travel Plans With Riverdale Travel

Take the stress out of planning your business trips and let Riverdale Travel handle the details. Our personalized service is designed to simplify your busy life while driving down travel costs. We love our valued clients and strive to continuously improve our service to make your business travel smooth and event-free.

Receive a free consultation by calling 763-323-3665 or contact us online.

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