8 Reasons Why Cruises Are the Perfect Family Vacation
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8 Reasons Why Cruises Are the Perfect Family Vacation

Busy families are always looking for the next seasonal getaway. Whether you’re planning a family vacation for four or a large family reunion, a cruise gives family entertainment an edge over other traditional land vacations AND eliminates a lot of planning at the forefront.

At Riverdale Travel, we have all the insider information and promotions for all cruise lines and all popular itineraries all over the world, eliminating all your hours of research and planning – just leave all that to us! 

Take a look at these eight reasons why cruises are the perfect family vacation.

Why a Family Ocean Cruise?

Any person who has cruised before can tell you they had the time of their life. Ask the little ones, and they can talk up an earful about their adventures. 

There are apprehensions for first-timers, of course – that is natural. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll forget any worries you had before. 

For motion sickness worries: Today’s gargantuan ships traveling the world’s oceans have such advanced stability mechanisms you will forget it’s actually moving!

1. Everything Is Virtually All-Inclusive

With a cruise, family entertainment and dining are locked in every day, and virtually almost 24 hours a day. It’s like combining Las Vegas with Disneyland in one place!

Popular family cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and numerous others have unlimited access to buffet-style dining and most sit-in restaurants, as well as entertainment. Disney, of course, has your favorite Disney character(s) onboard. 

Note: Alcoholic beverages are not included on some cruise lines. Therefore, for your over-21 guests, there are optional alcohol packages for pre-purchase.

2. So Many Dining Options!

There are so many cruise lines that offer unique dining experiences and almost around-the-clock options for travelers. From sushi and salads to oysters, lobsters, and steak, and… oh, the desserts! 

The worldly chefs onboard are absolutely amazing! 

The wait staff from all over the world are always attentive and love to converse with guests. 

There are also fine dining restaurants that are reservations only and may or may not be included in your overall fare.

3. Leave the Car Rental Behind

No need to stand in rental car lines to drive to an entertainment destination when all the lodging, meals, and entertainment are onboard. 

The only ride you’ll need is home to port and port to home. Some travelers opt to park their own car in the ship liner’s passenger parking lot until the cruise is over. Most cruise ports will charge a daily parking fee anywhere between $15 to 40 a day. 

Better yet, ask your travel consultant to include a cruise shuttle or private transfer to and from the airport. Pre- and post-cruise overnight hotel stays are also available to include with your package.

4. Family Members Make Unlimited New Friends

Cruise travelers make everlasting new connections while onboard. Group dining options provide conversation and companionship with other guests during group dining times. 

Kids also make new buddies when they are signed up and participate in the age-grouped youth adventure clubs, from toddlers to age 17. 

Maybe your teen just wants to hang out with other teens in the teen lounge, or perhaps they’ll be tempted to participate in the unlimited outdoor games, sports, and hands-on art and science activities, to name just a few.

5. Big City Style Entertainment

Most cruise lines maintain a full casino onboard, which is an added bonus to over-21 travelers. 

Daily and nightly entertainment include night clubs and dazzling Las Vegas and Broadway style shows, which various age groups can enjoy.

6. Exploring Ports of Call

From dazzling European destinations to popular Caribbean spots, you’ll get to sightsee, bask on a beach, participate in watersports, shop til you drop, and dine at the selected ports of call. 

Cruise lines provide you with almost an entire day of fun and excitement off ship and offer a variety of excursion options with reputable land tour companies that will pick you up dockside and bring you back in time to board. 

These can be pre-purchased prior to cruising or decided while onboard.

7. Kids & Adults Onboard Activities

From miniature golf, game rooms, various swimming pools, surfing simulator, water slides, ziplining, fitness gyms, spas – the list is so endless! Cruise lines are quick to outdo one another with spectacular out-of-this-world activities. 

Sign your kids up for one of the youth clubs grouped into age groups and keep them entertained for hours! You will not be disappointed.

8. Unlimited Value

Let’s recap. Overall, you get unlimited dining, entertainment, and fabulous ports of call for everyone in your family for one price fare! 

Additionally, you are assigned a porter to keep your stateroom clean daily. In fact, you will always find onboard staff unique, personable, and eager to assist. That kind of service is priceless! 

A note about tips: A few cruise lines include tips for all waitstaff up front in your fare, and some don’t. Discuss this with your travel consultant if this convenience is important to you.

Want to Try a River Cruise Instead?

If you’ve never cruised before and want to try out calmer waters on a scenic river boat, try a Mississippi River Cruise, which can vary from 5 days to 21 days. Prepare to visit America’s most important and scenic historical sites along the way!

Or, venture on one of numerous European River Cruises sailing from many exclusive ports, such as Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cairo, and many others. Contact Riverdale’s expert consultants to book your river cruise!

Our Cruise Experts Are Ready to Design Your Trip

Don’t dream – make a family cruise a reality! Provide us the details, such as dates, budget, number and ages of traveling guests, and we’ll do the rest! 

Your personal travel consultant will provide you with a personalized package that includes your airfare to the destination and back home. You can count on our experienced and award-winning consultants to work hard to make your vacation memorable. Just read our customer feedback!

At Riverdale Travel, we are seasoned experts in the travel industry, no matter what type of vacation you’re looking for. Our consultants communicate with you from the planning stage to the end of your vacation, providing you with that extra assurance you’re looking for. Contact us today!

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