5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Travel Insurance
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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Travel Insurance

Planning a stress-free vacation starts with travel insurance! You never know what events can suddenly interrupt your long-planned vacation, especially with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Travel insurance not only gives you more peace of mind while booking and anticipating your trip, but also protects your investment when you’re out exploring unknown territory. It offers invaluable benefits at an inexpensive cost and covers several unforeseen circumstances.

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why you should invest in travel insurance. Feel free to reach out to a Riverdale Travel consultant today to learn more about your options!

1. Flight Reimbursement

Missing a flight happens to the best of us. But to clear up some misconceptions, you don’t buy travel insurance just in case you’re late to the airport, and many policies won’t cover that kind of thing. (Although certain providers or policy upgrades may allow you to cancel for any reason – more on that in reason three.)

With travel or flight insurance, reimbursements are covered for trip cancellations for unexpected reasons; The covered reasons will vary depending on your insurance provider. In our experience, most trip cancellations happen due to medical emergencies, which all providers will cover.

2. Refundable Hotel Pre-Paid Costs

Your non-refundable hotel or lodging pre-paid costs can also be refundable with travel insurance, which is something you’ll be incredibly grateful for if you or someone in your traveling party contracts COVID. The virus has caused 50% of U.S. adults to cancel a trip and 80% to lose money because of it, according to Forbes.

You can also get a hotel reimbursement if you experience a medical emergency or evacuation while traveling.

3. Other Comprehensive Reimbursements

Depending on the type of coverage you select, you can be reimbursed some travel expenses, should you change your mind altogether for any reason prior to your trip.

This benefit may be on certain comprehensive policies and may also have some exclusions, so be sure to discuss this with a knowledgeable travel consultant!

4. Coverage for Longer Flight Delays

Short flight delays happen often and don’t cause too much of a fuss, but longer delays are frustrating, and the related expenses can quickly add up for travelers. With travel insurance, you can keep all your receipts to get reimbursed for these extra expenses.

Many travel insurance policies reimburse costs of a hotel, meal, and local transportation costs due to a longer flight delay.

5. Overseas Medical Costs

Travel insurance policies can cover medical care overseas, eliminating worries of paying for expensive hospital bills should an accident or illness happen. In the unfortunate event that you need it, this could save you thousands of dollars.

Overseas medical facilities will not accept American health insurance plans, so a reputable travel insurance carrier will be able to help you handle the payment to these facilities. Remember to keep the travel insurance number always with you.

Ready to Take the Next Step With Your Vacation?

Connect with one of Riverdale Travel’s experienced consultants and protect your priceless journey! Not only can we help with travel insurance, but our advisors specialize in destinations across the globe, offering personalized recommendations that make your trip perfectly tailored to your vacation style.

Even if you’re still unsure about whether to purchase travel insurance, be sure to call and schedule a consultation with one of Riverdale’s knowledgeable experts today! We’d be thrilled to help discuss your options and can offer a quote based on your travel itinerary needs.

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