Amy Ferreira

Riverdale Owner

Amy has over 20 years in strategy consulting, retail operations, product development and cross-functional leadership in the travel and retail sectors. As a former McKinsey consultant who started her own IC travel business and ran operations for a 400 - person host agency, Amy has broad industry experience in travel industry strategy, marketing and operations.

Why Do You Travel?

I'm obsessed with it! I can't imagine staying put for too long.

Dream Destination Not Yet Visited

Japan and Bali!

Must-Do Vacation Activities

I always plan for at least one very nice or special dinner while I am there, because I love to eat out! I also love the natural world, so try to find opportunities to engage with the landscape and/or wildlife wherever I go.

Best Travel Advice

Remain open and curious wherever you go – talk to the local residents, ask lots of questions, and slow down!

Why Use a Travel Advisor?

A travel advisor who has been to the destination gives you trustworthy insights and advice about where to stay and what activities and vendors are reputable and worthwhile. They can answer your questions, have your back, and can save you hours of planning time!

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My Week With Contiki

A year ago today, I was traveling overseas in Hungary and Croatia with not a care in the world. As it hits that year mark, I want to reflect on the amazing time I had. 

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