Business Travel

Minneapolis' LEading Business Travel Agency

  • The best booking & ticketing experience for executives and their assistants
  • Savings of up to 30% on your company’s business travel budget
  • Perks, upgrades, & preferred rates on thousands of luxury hotels, worldwide
  • Instant global support on any problem before, during and after your trip

Riverdale Travel is a high service business travel agency supporting business executives and their demanding travel schedules.

Since its founding, Riverdale Travel has provided the highest level of service and support to its valued clients. Our comprehensive corporate travel management programs are built, first and foremost on the passion, dedication & performance of our amazing business travel advisors. Their decades of experience and hard-won skills mean that you will be meticulously taken care of before, during and after your trip.

You can also expect the best deals on hotels and air through our strategic sourcing of key air and hotel supplier relationships, award winning technology solutions and reporting platforms to get you home and back, safe and sound.

Business Travel

Receive the personalized concierge level service & support your travelers deserve, before, during and after their trip

Keep me happy, keep me moving, keep me protected…

Everybody’s got an app these days… treat yourself to something better with a local business travel concierge who will take care of all your trip details, so you don’t have to. You deserve it.

Our hyper focus on personalized service sets us apart from other business travel agencies and their online booking tools.

Call us old fashioned, but we believe that “Personalization” doesn’t come from a robot in the Cloud… it comes from one of our highly experienced business travel advisors anticipating the needs of the travelers under their care. Our business travel agents pride themselves on getting every detail right on the front end and delivering white glove service through to the end of the trip.

And when it matters, when our travelers need that extra help when they find themselves in a jam with a cancelled flight, or some other disruption, we jump in, like superheroes to save the day. It’s that simple. You need us. We’re there... any time of day.

Get the best pricing and availability on your preferred airlines, hotels, & cars

I want the best pricing, the best perks, and the best support when it matters...

When it comes to getting the best deals and the sweetest perks on air and hotel, Riverdale Travel has you covered. Riverdale Travel is part of a powerful community of travel companies that have banded together, creating a multibillion dollar organization with access to the most competitive rates, amenity programs, and the highest level of support at all major air carriers and hotel chains

On air purchasing, our network power gives you access to the highest level of support at all major airlines. That can make a big difference getting to a helpful airline resource during big disruptions and it can also create opportunities for additional savings on your corporate travel program.

On hotels, our negotiated programs give you access to a fantastic set of perks and thousands of hotels including early check-in, late check out, free breakfasts, last room availability, and all kinds of other amenities.

Visualize your business travel spend & drive down cost of travel

Keep me informed and show me why you’re worth my time and money…

We want the very best from our vendors and partners. We assume our clients want the same from us. We pride ourselves on showing the value in the services we provide through timely account management reviews, our daily interactions and our robust suite of reporting solutions.

When it comes to reporting, you’d like it tailored to your requirements, easy to understand, and easy to access. Our reporting platform offers numerous ways to slice and dice your travel data, giving you the knowledge and insight you need to get the most out of your travelers and your travel program.

Our analytics engine gives you the power to see how minute changes in buying behavior or the implementation of a basic travel policy can drive significant savings straight to your bottom line.

All the essentials, covered

Give me options, keep it flexible based on my needs…

Looking for Concur or some other online booking solution?

Yes! We have a skilled team of travel technology professionals ready and able to set up a dedicated Concur site, or transfer your existing site, with no disruption to your business needs.

Can you help with groups, meetings, incentive trips and events?

Yes, our groups experts successfully manage groups and events of all sizes, making sure everyone’s status is checked, transfers are locked in at the right time, and hotel rooms are solid. We’ve got your team covered!

Business Travel: How We Simplify Complex Travel Planning

Planning a business trip can be stressful and complicated. Let Riverdale Travel handle your business travel details while you focus on other important things.

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Business Travel: How We Simplify Complex Travel Planning

Planning a business trip can be stressful and complicated. Let Riverdale Travel handle your business travel details while you focus on other important things.

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