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A message from Schilling/Riverdale Travel

Dear Valued Customer,

We are excited to share some momentous news about Riverdale Travel with you to further enhance your travel experience with us.

Riverdale Travel is being acquired by Minneapolis-based Schilling Travel. Riverdale Travel and Schilling Travel share a vision that we can better assist you and other Minnesotans to “travel right” by coming together. With over $20 million in annual sales volume, our two agencies have a combined total of 128 years of serving Minnesota’s leisure and corporate travelers.

Since opening what is today’s Riverdale Travel with my mother Carol Anderson in 1986, the travel industry has evolved at lightning speed with more options today than ever before. Yet it’s precisely because of all those changes that the unsuspecting traveler can easily be caught off guard. We have continued to grow as our best customers like you have sought out the local counsel and experience for which our agents are known, Now, as we look not only to the future of travel but our own future as well, we see a tremendous opportunity to deliver so much more to you through our alignment with Schilling Travel.

At this point, nothing is materially changing. In fact, each agency will continue operating under their distinct names. Yet, our experienced travel professionals will have access to greater resources to better serve your needs. I will serve as the President of the combined operations and Brenda Nobbe will become Vice President for both. Additionally, Schilling Travel President Robert Herman will assume the role of Managing Partner for Allied Continental Holdings, which will seek to acquire other agencies to make us even stronger and a true force in travel. Allied Continental Holdings has another non-operating partner, former McKinsey management consultant and travel industry professional Amy Ferreira.

You and other travelers we serve are always telling us how amazed you are by our collective wealth of knowledge and decades of experience, along with how much more secure you are knowing we have your best interests at heart. We are humbled that you continue to value and trust our agents’ insights and skills as they leverage technology and social media to create compelling experiences. By joining with Schilling Travel, we will be able to deliver even more to you.

Far from the end of an era for Riverdale Travel, this is the start of an exciting new chapter for all of us. Thus, I hope you are as excited by this news as I am. Should you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate in asking.

Best regards,

Sandy Anderson |  

Robert Herman |