As a locally owned host to Travel Partners for over 25 years we are dedicated to providing the best technology solutions and state of the art marketing to promote and grow your brand! 


Riverdale Travel’s Marketing Program offers travel consultants the opportunity to utilize our technology and marketing while keeping their own
unique brand.
Simply stated, its all about you!


We pride ourselves on having top level Partner support.

Our Partners benefit from having access to our entire support team that understands and appreciates our relationship with YOU! 


Riverdale Travel offers customized technology solutions that are going to give you a competitive edge.  From comprehensive web content to tools that help you proactively manage your customers experience.

Maintaining Individual Agency Branding is Paramount

We offer expertly planned campaign strategies across multiple channels and high-impact customer touch points tailored to individual business models. With direct mail pieces and editorial publications every year.

We place high priority helping make the most of our partnership with you.

– “New to Industry” Implementation Training
– Seminars & Webinars
– Travel Expert Certification Program
– Exclusive Educational Journey
– Dedicated Support Staff


    Riverdale travel faq’s

    Can I operate my business under my own company name?
    Yes, you are free to use your business name/brand on all marketing pieces that we offer.
    Will I retain ownership of my clients?
    100% YES!   As a Riverdale Travel Partner, your client list is kept private to you and remains in your ownership.
    How often do I get paid?
    Payroll is completed bi-weekly.   You will receive a detailed statement of the commissions that you are being paid on.
    Do you provide me with a consumer website customized for my business?
    Yes, our website tool is second to none. We give you access to professional, customized websites that are designed for your business model.  We offer web designs with rich content that are mobile responsive so your clients can read on any device ie. tablet, iPad, smart phone or desktop.

    What Our Partners Are Saying

    Don’t just take our word for it, let our partners do the talking!

    “If you’re looking for a top-notch, trustworthy host Agency look no further than the Riverdale Travel Team! My Riverdale Travel experience began with the owner Sandy Anderson; she is honest, down to earth and has an open door policy. When I decided to be part of this agency I wanted to make sure I would have someone dependable to handle my clients while I am away. But let me tell you about Tracy,  we have been working together for over 15 years, she has exceeded my expectations, I could not ask for a better person to handle my clients! The Staff at Riverdale Travel are amazing to work with and they will not disappoint.”
    Ket Boe

    “I have been an IC with Riverdale Travel for the past five years.  I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy SanNicolas during that time and quite frankly I couldn’t have done it without her.  Her knowledge and skills have been invaluable to me and my clients.  She always takes time to help me out and is an absolute delight to work with”
    Amy Thole

    After the agency I was working with closed their doors, I was up in the air with what to do with my business.  I needed an agency that I could count on, with people that would have my back.  Since I’d worked with Tracy before, and she worked at Riverdale Travel, I followed her there.  She and the rest of the team have been awesome, from accounting and management, to training and all the front line agents.  If I have questions, they’re always happy to help.  And sometimes, I just want to bounce ideas off of someone, and they’re great at that too!  I’m so glad I took my business to Riverdale Travel!

    Cathy Skoglund


    Top Tier Commissions | Online Cruise Booking Engine | ClientBase web-based CRM | Consumer cruise booking engine | IATA cards for qualified agent | Signature Travel Network intranet and benefits | Land specialist partners in 80 Countries | Commissions paid bi-weekly | Cruise group rates and amenities | Hosted sailings | Hotel amenity program and booking engine | Special Services Desk for air and hotel | Educational Trips & Agent rates available | Business development support & personal attention | Keep Your Own Identity | Automatic client engagement system | Digital travel magazine | Cruise Track pricing alerts | Turnkey marketing program | Personalized and branded website with comprehensive cruise, hotel & destination content | Extensive training opportunities | Discount on Travel 42 | Annual Signature Travel Network Sales Meetings


    Custom Website & Design
    Riverdale Travel’s customized technology solutions are considered the retail travel industry’s most sophisticated.

    • Comprehensive web content for cruises, hotels, land vacations and destinations
    • Web content optimized for mobile devices
    Direct Mail Marketing
    Riverdale Travel offers our Partners expertly planned campaign strategies across multiple channels and high-impact customer touch points tailored to individual business models. 

    • Editorial-driven publications customized for our Partners to inspire their clients to visit destinations around the globe.
    • Supplier-specific brochures and direct mail pieces developed to target key market groups.
    •  Client retention and acquisition tools ranging from an annual calendar to direct mail pieces developed to build relationships with current customers and future travelers.
    E-marketing tools
    E-marketing tools include both e-mail marketing and microsites. Riverdale Travel provides members with the blueprint they need to grow their business to their full potential.

    E-Mail Marketing – Optimizes full-circle marketing by giving travel consultants access to weekly campaigns that are designed to touch customers across all stages of the buying cycle from “time-sensitive” best deals and direct-mail automated follow-up to information-rich eNewsletters.

    Microsites – Consumer-friendly and agency customized websites that allow members to send their clients complete information on a specific destination, cruise, supplier, hotel or vacation specialty.


    New Partner Training
    We want our partners to be able to take full advantage of our tools as soon as possible and we start training immediately with a full in-office training as well as webinar based training.
    Online Webinars
    Riverdale Travel offers online training webinars from our training department as well as directly from our preferred suppliers. We offer recurring monthly webinars covering new topics and tools as well as new introductions from our suppliers. Our preferred suppliers continually partner with us to bring product updates and relevant information to our partners on a timely basis.  Annually we offer a Summer School with weekly in office training.
    Educational Journeys
    Exclusive preferred supplier familiarization trips called Riverdale Educational Journeys provide partners with the opportunity to enrich their destination knowledge while building relationships with suppliers and hoteliers.


    Our Member Intranet
    Our Intranet is designed with our Travel Consultants in mind, giving YOU access to promotional offers, preferred supplier information, as well as the calendar featuring supplier training.  The Intranet houses all of the tools that you will need to take your business to the next level. 
    Client Reach & Cruise Track
    Designed to work with ClientBase Res Cards, Client Reach sends customized emails on behalf of the travel consultant to their clients. Clients are sent celebratory wishes for birthdays and reminders to book shore excursions, pre- and post-hotels, travel insurance as well as “Bon Voyage” and “Welcome Home” emails. Riverdale Travel partners can customize the program to suit their particular company and customer needs.

    Cruise Track’s proprietary technology allows our travel consultants to stay abreast of all changes for a particular cruise so that they can proactively notify their clients. Using Cruise Track gives the consultant the advantage of an early response time to changes in price or itinerary. And it’s turn-key… tracking and notifications are created automatically based on the ClientBase Res Card information.

    Pocket Travel Consultant
    Pocket Travel Consultant can be used during the planning stages and while traveling. Riverdale Travel consultants can create and send vacation itineraries to their clients that can be viewed online via a webpage or offline within the app. Customized with each member’s brand and call-to-action, the app reinforces the consultant-client relationship every step of the way.

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