Coon Rapids Travel Agent Spotlight: Norway

Coon Rapids Travel Agent Spotlight: Norway

Have you been dreaming of a trip to Norway?  Our Coon Rapids travel agent spotlight features Brenda’s recent trip on a Globus tour of Norway.

Experiencing Norway

This spring,  I had the opportunity to travel thru Norway on a Globus tour. The tour highlighted the many scenic areas of Norway. We cruised fjords, drove to the Jostedal Glacier, climbed the Olympic Ski Jump in Lillehammer, visited a Stave Church, took photos of 100’s of waterfalls and sculptures in Frogner Park and sampled at an Apple Farm on the Hardanger Fjord.

Jostedal Glacier

Coon Rapids Travel Agent Spotlight: NorwayJostedal Glacier is the biggest glacier on mainland Europe and divides two of the worlds longest fjords – the Songefjord and Nordfjord. Famous for it’s wide variety scenery, expect to see valleys with lush vegetation, majestic mountains, and glacier landscapes.  For the glacier enthusiast, you will find an opportunity to hike the glaciers and taking photos of the beautiful scenery as you tour this area.

Olympic Ski Jump in Lillehammer

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Lillehammer and climbing to the top of the Olympic ski jump. The Olympics were held in Lillehammer in 1994 and the area still hosts thousands at ski resorts in the area during the winter months. The jumping tower is a popular photo stop for visitors and will enable you to see panoramic views of the town of Lillehammer and the largest lake in Norway, Mjosa. While the tower is worth the climb, you can enjoy a leisurely ride down using the chairlift or make a game out of it and count the stairs on the way down.

Stave Church

On our way to Oslo, we were able to stop at a stave church and tour this medieval wooden church building style found mostly in Norway today. Made out of a wooden post and timber framing, these historical churches are a site to see as you visit the countryside.

Frogner Park

Frogner Park in Oslo is one of the largest parks in central Norway and is a popular visitor attraction. One of it’s most popular spots, the Vigiland Sculpture Park features more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigiland made out of bronze, cast iron, and granite. Once you’ve toured the sculpture garden, plan for a walk through the park or a picnic lunch enjoying the grounds. After lunch, you’ll see Norway’s largest collection of roses or visit the Frogner Manor and museum.

Hardanger Fjord

A must see on any trip to Norway is the Hardanger Fjord area.  Hardanger is the 3rd largest fjord in the world and is the home of some of the most amazing hikes in Norway.  Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail is for the experienced hiker as you will travel over high mountains and long and demanding trails. Trolltunga, a hike for the serious and experienced hiker requires advanced preparation, and an overnight stay – hiking over the most spectacular scenic cliffs that Norway has to offer.

For those who are less experienced, the four waterfalls trail in Husedalen Valley leads hikers on a lengthy hike ending at four scenic waterfalls.  Not up to a challenging trail?  Head to Hardangervidda National Park which offers a wide range of beautiful hiking trails to choose from.

My trip to Norway was full of adventure, history and beauty – making it hard to choose a favorite.  If you’re thinking about your own trip to Norway, we’d love to help you design a trip tailored to your interests for the trip of a lifetime.