Amy Sicard

North Loop Travel Coordinator

Travel Specialist ‘In Training’

At a young age my parents introduced travel and curiosity into my life. Growing up traveling, to studying abroad and living abroad, I have been many places and had many adventures. It has always been a dream of mine to work in the travel industry. I look forward to learning all things travel so I can share my passion for seeing the world by helping you plan your dream vacations.

My Travel Experiences

Madrid, Spain and Sevilla, Spain

I love the Spanish culture and laidback lifestyle. Tapas and sangria have got to be my favorite foods and drink out there. Spain, as a whole, holds a part of my heart. (I also speak Spanish!)

St. Petersburg, Russia

This city is home to the most extravagant palaces I’ve ever seen! Peterhof, Catherine’s Palace, and the Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum.

Galway, Ireland

Such a fun, lively town with cute, narrow streets filled with bars and restaurants. Very fun culture, with super friendly locals.

The Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain

 My trip was like a honeymoon! Beautiful beaches and hot and sunny weather. My favorite part was renting a car and driving to the volcano, Mt. Teide. You take a cable car up and then hike and walk around the volcano, which is Spain’s tallest mountain!

A day on a catamaran in Santorini, Greece.

An amazing day sailing around Santorini, drinking, eating, sun tanning, snorkeling, and swimming- I can’t think of a better day I’ve had in my life!

Interlachen, Switzerland

White water rafting down the Lütschine river


Spain, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, Morocco, Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica


City sightseeing, beach vacations, water activities, palaces, cathedrals, local markets


  • Signature Travel Specialist
  • Disney’s College of Knowledge