Shelbie Held

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor Specialist

Shelbie has been in the travel industry for over 38 years, working in leisure planning, corporate, military, and group tours. Over the years, she has seen so many changes come about in the industry, but not people’s passion to travel! Never underestimate a woman with a dream and a passport! The more unique, unusual, unexpected, the better for Shelbie. Her favorite places are those where she has had personal unique experiences, like discovering a hidden restaurant in Quito or playing with pugs in the market of Hanoi Vietnam! What is on your bucket list? Many destinations can still be done on any budget, so contact Shelbie and make It a reality!


  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • South America
  • Tahiti


  • Custom Vacation Packages
  • African Safaris
  • Guided Tours


  • CIE
  • Micato Safaris
  • Princess Cruises
Why Do You Travel?

I have a passion for people and cultures. There is so much to learn from other countries and their people!

Favorite Destinations

Africa, Europe, South America, French Polynesia

Dream Destination Not Yet Visited

Road trip through New Zealand in a motorhome!

Must-Do Vacation Activities

African Safaris – available for any budget!

Everyone should experience the beauty, food and people of Southeast Asia.

Best Travel Advice

RELAX and enjoy the unexpected and unique experiences of each destination!

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